#LOTD 311

Dances: Sync’D Motion – Wicked @ Kustom9 – Helloooo people ♥ If you don’t care about people say, and just want to dance and have a lot of fun, this dance pack is for you! Come to Kustom9 event and take a look, I’m sure you will love it! You can see the original video here

Want more about us? Sync’d Motion links: In world / Marketplace / Facebook / InstagramFlickr / Flickr Group

Backdrop: Puff Room Rose Backdrop – The Bearded Guy@Dollhollic event

Outfit: NEW: mellowcute-niah – @Cosmopolitan

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Yennefer Moon

Resident in Second Life. Blogger, photographer, video maker and shape designer. Feel free to contact me inworld : donaflorinda14.

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