#LOTD 322

Dances: Sync’D Motion – Trakata @ Kustom9 – Let’s dance a sexy reggaeton with this incredible pack. Hot and booty shaker dances that goes perfectly with another rythyms too. Come to Kustom9 Event to try it! I’m sure you will fall in love! You can see the original video here

Want more about Sync’D Motion?  In world / Marketplace / Facebook / InstagramFlickr / Flickr Group

Backdrop 1: Bichota Alley Backdrop – The Bearded Guy@Thirsty Event

Backdrop 2: Neon Locker Cian-Pink – Love Me Right Backdrops – The Bearded Guy@ Men Only Month

Outfit 1: NEW: Seniha. Ivana Set // MegaFatpack – @UBER

Outfit 2:

Top: EPOCH [HUD] Maggie Top: Fatpack

Panties: EPOCH [HUD] Maggie Panties: Fatpack *Fix*