#LOTD 318

Dances: Sync’D Motion – Sekkle @ DreamDay – This dance pack is an afrobeats but goes perfectly with latin and another rhythms too. Absolutely gorgeous!! You can find it on DreamDay event. See the original video here

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Outfit: Seniha. Belinda Set // BigFatpack – @Access event

Backdrop: TROPIX // Dotonbori Alley Scene FATPACK – @The Warehouse Sale

#LOTD 313

Dances: Paragon Cici – Club Groove Pack – @Uber

Backdrop 1: Spirit Night Backdrop – The Bearded Guy – @Happy Weekend

Backdrop 2:Butter Neon Backdrop – The Bearded Guy

Outfit 1: NEW: mellowcute-nellie – @N21

Outfit 2: NEW: Seniha. Gisly Set // MegaFatpack – @Uber

Hair 1: DOUX – Roseanne hairstyle [BLOGGER PACK]

Hair 2: DOUX – Somi hairstyle

Head: LeLUTKA Prim Head 3.1

Body: [LEGACY] Meshbody (f) Special Edition (1.4)


#LOTD 308

Dances: Sync’D Motion – Wild Side II @ DreamDay

Come to show your wild side in a sexy “perreo”, or in another rhythm do you prefer to make you body moves. This pack is it – movement! You can see the original video here

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Outfit: NEW: Seniha. Jody Set // BigFatpack – @Equal10